TRS Pawa Medium (Rice Flakes) 1kg


TRS Pawa Medium (Rice Flakes) is produced from pre-cooked rice which is then pressed flat and dried. The flatter grain allows for quicker absorption of water during cooking. Pawa is both very low in fat and high in fiber, so it makes a brilliant alternative to rice and is quicker to cook. Pawa is extremely tasty in both sweet and savory dishes but, particularly ideal for Rice Pudding. Rice Flakes can be used to prepare porridge, for breakfast with milk, juice, or curd cheese, or for baking bread, rolls, cookies, cereal bars, etc. TRS Rice Flakes are known by several names such as flaked Rice, Aval, Avalakki, Poha, and Chiwda.


TRS Pawa Medium (Rice Flakes) 1kg ingredients: 100% Rice Flakes


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