Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue Black 4oz


Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue Black 4oz for professional use only:

  • Salon Pro Exclusives Anti-Fungus Hair Bonding Glue Has a unique formula ideal for the perfect hold in hair bonding.
  • Salon Pro Exclusives Anti-Fungus Super Hair Bonding Glue¬†protects your hair from fungus infection. The cap has a special seal so it last longer and does not dry out.
  • CAUTION: Do not put on scalp. This product contains natural latex which may cause allergic reaction in some individual. Do not use if scalp is injured or irritated. Keep out of eyes. To avoid hair loss do not pull.
  • To remove use Salon Pro Bond Remover.

How to use: Apply Salon Pro Exclusive Hair Bonding Glue to stitched side of weft. Part hair and apply side of weft with glue to match ported section of hair. (Do not apply to scalp!)


Salon Pro Hair Bonding Glue Black 4oz Ingredients: Latex, Water, Ammonium Hydroxide, Fragrance, May Contain: CL77266


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