MDH Chana Dal Masala 100g


MDH Chana Dal Masala 100g incorporates many strong flavors, is low fat, and is simple to make without gluten. MDH Chana Dal Masala contains spices for both Bengal gram lentils and dark chickpea lentils. This exemplary Chana dal recipe includes sweet, nutty split chickpeas (or Bengal gram) pressure-cooked and daintily broiled on the burner with various flavors and aromatics. This masala is suitable for vegetarians.


Chana Dal is an amazing Lentil Dish that is wonderful to present with rice or roti. You can even present it with roti, naan or bread.

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MDH Chana Dal Masala 100g ingredients: Coriander seeds, Red Chillies, Turmeric, Cumin, Iodised Salt, Black Pepper, Fenugreek Leaves, Mustard, Dried Ginger, Cassia, Cardamom Amomum, Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, Asafoetida.

Nutritional value per 100g:

20 g of fat,

40 g of protein,

40 g of carbohydrate,

0 g of dietary fiber,

0 g of saturated fat,

0 mg of cholesterol.


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